The overall organization of the ARCH Program is divided into an Administrative and Planning Core and a Research Program Development Core. The Research Program and Development Core oversee the shared core facility and the one research and multiple pilot projects. The Administrative and Planning Core is composed of Internal and External Advisory Committees (IAC and EAC). This core oversees the workshop and seminar program. Typically three to four external speakers per year are invited through the ARCH program. Workshops may be internal or external. The EAC is composed of a distinguished panel of four scientists that meet with us annually to review our goals and progress and make recommendations for meeting those goals. They also provide the first level of scientific merit review for new research proposals.

EAC and ARCH members 2003 Everglades Trip; Left to right, top row; Fred Tyson (NIEHS), Gerardo Vasta (EAC), Chris Sinigalliano, Mike Depledge, Bill Gerwick (EAC), Bob Gawley, Jerome Nriagu (EAC). Bottom row; Kelly Rein (Director), Mary Beth Gidley, Lora Fleming (co-Director), Lena Gerwick.


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